After Ben (Seattle Stories)

After Ben - Con Riley 4.75 stars . It was interesting experience reading this book, after reading so many books in the MM genre they usually all feel the same very predictable with an obvious HEA in the end, this book however was a journey to the unknown till 70% I had now clue who Theo will pair with, and all along the reading up until the moment of discovery I though that I knew and every time it wasn't it :) kinda like a mystery book only it's a romance, so it was very refreshing to read something so different and I enjoy tremendously .
Having said that I had a few problems that bite in the fifth star for this book: the Ben memories were way too much and not needed for the development of the plot, it was tiering at some point, on the other hand I could use more of the amazing sessions Theo and Morgan had online, I enjoyed their chats and it helped knowing them better and established their connection .
Loosing some of the memories adding some dialogs could have made this book perfect !