Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood It took me 40% of the book to overcome the annoyance of the present tense thing ! WTF ? It felt like reading police report , however once I got use to it and it became sort of white noise I was just hooked !! This is such a damn good book !!! Kept me awake half the night and most of today .
I'm totally in love with the three of them especially Evan who in the beginning felt like a spoiled brat that want to buy dan as his new toy but with time as his personality built with the plot I came to love his neurotic cheerful loving spirit .
Puppet Chris is an amazing add to the plot , brings a lot of humor and kinda lighten up dan heaviness .and the real Chris is great too (totally worth a spinoff when he realizes he is actually into boys)
I have to be honest and say that threesomes are usually so ridicules and only serves the parts that lays under the belt , this is defiantly not the case in this book , it actually feels "normal" when it comes to the three of them and it's not about the sex either (not that the sex is not smokin hot!!!)
Any way , I'm keen to move to number two :)