No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome, #3)

No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome, #3) - Richard Rider Amazing ending ! it's not the perfect fairy tale HEA , it's the real deal , the hard work you have to put in order to get your HEA . And they done it , and it couldn't be done before cause they needed to grow up and learn how to live with out each other in order to be together . It's sounds absurd but it's actually the reasonable thing to do in order to make sure your relationship will last . And I have no doubt that Lindsey and pip will be together forever.

I have to be honest and say that all three books needs major editing some parts were tiering , too long and even repetitive , but the thing I loved most in this book was not only the brilliant writing but mostly the characters : so real , their personality become so familiar to me I felt like I know them , hated some sides in them loved others , like I feel for real people that I come across , not only that but growing up into this personalities , change and evolve but kind of stay the same , you have to be a great writer to be able to do that with your characters ,

So thank you Richard rider for a great ride :)) hope to read more of you ...